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Help Ukrainians in Need Today!

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

The impact of Russia’s unprovoked attack has been devastating to the sovereignty and people of Ukraine. And with no end in sight to this continued escalation, so rises the urgent need for help—from emergency relief (meals, medical supplies, shelter, clothes, etc.) to support for those on the ground and for those fleeing to other European nations. Experts estimated that 7 million people in Ukraine could be displaced by the war.

As part of our Pours for Positive initiative, we will be working with breweries and craft beverage companies across the globe to do all that we can to help the Ukrainian people who are fighting for their lives. Wherever we are, we can help keep the light of peace and hope alive for the people of Ukraine by showing our solidarity with them. We might not be able to go join them, but we can be emboldened to help by making donations, small or large, during this time of need.

For breweries and craft beverage companies that want to support the victims of Ukraine, Pours for Positive will do all the heavy lifting to make sure funds raised reach the hands of those that need it most right now. Participating breweries and craft beverage companies only need to sign up, and allocate a portion of the proceeds from the beer or beverage of their choosing to support the cause.

Funds raised will be granted to Together Rising, a 501(c)(3) non-profit that transforms collective heartbreak into effective action. To ensure that the most immediate and pressing needs of the refugees are met, Together Rising assesses partner organizations to determine what size of grant funding they can most rapidly and effectively utilize. Currently, funds are being distributed to seven trusted, boots-on-the-ground partners, including: Vostok SOS, Rescue Foundation, Afya Foundation, OutRight, Estonian Refugee Council, World Central Kitchen, and World Jewish Relief.

Please contact if you would like to get your business involved with fundraising efforts.