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Back to School Program

Positive Legacy is running a Back to School program to serve students and teachers grades K-12 of low-income families and neighborhoods across America. We will provide school supplies with an increased focus on laptops and tablet devices as students are forced to more virtual learning and many low-income families do not currently have the technology supplies they will need to be successful.

The global pandemic has taken its toll especially on low-income neighborhoods and the landscape for learning has taken a major shift. Now it is more important than ever to ensure that children and teachers struggling to adapt still have access to the resources they need to be successful. This program is serving the students in greatest need in America with the goal of addressing racial equity and will help reduce barriers of learning that create disadvantages for children of lower income families.

In a typical event season, Positive Legacy collects over 3,000lbs of school and medical supplies and distributes them to underserved communities in Mexico. Due to COVID-19, we are without our international events this year and our US communities have an increased need for financial support and creating enthusiasm for attending school amidst these COVID-19 classroom precautions. Positive Legacy aims to harness that same fan power to support the learning needs of the local children and families here in our own communities!

To stay true to our recycling efforts, we are refurbishing laptops from donors and will ensure that their Macs and PCs are cleaned before distributing to students in need. Anyone interested in donating a laptop or companies looking to partner to serve the school of greatest need in their community can reach out to for more information.