Post Strings & Sol Eco and Cultural Immersion Experience

December 16, 2019 @ 11:00AM — December 18, 2019 @ 11:00AM Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Join Positive Legacy for a unique 3 day trip extension and experience the natural wonders that Mexico has to offer! We will take you into the jungle where you’ll stay in a traditional Mayan community providing you with an authentic cultural adventure!

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There are currently no tickets available for this event, but you can still make a donation.


This is a cultural submersion trip providing insight into the lives of the community members of Nuevo Durango, a Mayan village founded in 1952. Over the past few years, Positive Legacy has partnered with Dreams for Mayan Children (DMC) to provide grant funding to the community for improvements including building a Learning Center, supporting teacher trainings, purchasing musical instruments, maintaining the gardens and more! These programs are designed to educate the community members on developing world skills and technologies while encouraging them to integrate Mayan traditions with everyday life. It is essential that cultural traditions such as hammock making, organic gardening and caring for the apiary stay intact and do not get lost in today's quest to adhere to the modern world.

The community members of Nuevo Durango are excited to host an authentic retreat, sharing what their community has to offer while providing visitors with a unique educational experience. You will be the forefront of sustainable tourism in a remote, yet safe community. While our hosts are extremely accommodating and eager to fulfill your requests, this experience will be different from the resources available at the resort. These communities are rich with relationships and traditional practices, but are still developing in terms of modern amenities. Your tourism support directly enriches their financial livelihood. We hope you will join us in making a positive impact in our world while learning about and preserving the Mayan culture!


Day 1 – December 16th

Pick up in shuttle van at 11:00AM at Now Sapphire and DREAMS Resorts, Puerto Morelos.

To begin our adventure, we will travel to Punta Laguna to visit the Spider Monkey Reserve where we’ll have an opportunity to trek through the jungle to see the monkeys in their natural habitat! The lake here offers an opportunity to canoe, swim or simply hang out soaking in the beautiful views. From here, we will travel to Cenote Esmeralda, a local’s favorite spot, just 10 minutes drive from Nuevo Durango.

After the day’s activities, we will continue on to our host community, Nuevo Durango, and settle in for the evening with a delicious dinner and community interaction.

Day 2 - December 17th

We will start the day with a delectable breakfast in Nuevo Durango before going to Enrique’s Organic Farm. Here we will get acquainted with the land and pick the vegetables to be used in our lunch. Next we will visit “UMA Nojoch Keej,” a family owned and operated animal sanctuary built by Don Manuel for endangered species. Next we will walk to Nuevo Xcan to adventure and explore stunning caves followed by lunch using the fresh vegetables we picked rom Enrique’s farm.

Bring on the fun-filled afternoon!! We will gather together at the Learning Center to engage in a music program and learn how to make hammocks and other local crafts. This is our time to learn more about Positive Legacy’s partner, Dreams for Mayan Children, their programs and what they offer the children from these Mayan communities. They have done an exceptional job creating programs for the children, enhancing their education and preserving the Mayan culture. The rest of the afternoon will consist of free time to develop new relationships with the locals.

Before sunset, we’ll have the opportunity to observe the magical dance of the Gaviotas birds as they get ready to fly into a nearby cave for the evening. Finally, we will finish our exciting day with another flavorful Mayan dinner, followed by a peaceful evening and a good night’s rest in your cabana!

Day 3 - December 18th

On our final morning, we will again enjoy breakfast in Nuevo Durango followed by a visit to the local Insect Museum, just a 5-minute walk from the cabanas. Then it’s time to pack up and head back to civilization as the shuttle will take everyone to Cancun International Airport. Please book return flights for the afternoon of December 18th.

Cost & Lodging

The trip is $350 per person for 3 Days + 2 Nights. It includes:

  • 2 Breakfasts
  • 2 Lunches
  • 2 Dinners
  • 2 Days of Transportation in a 15 passenger van
  • Entrance fees to protected sanctuaries, cenote, Spider Monkey Reserve and Lagoon

Lodging is a required additional add-on; price depends on your desired setup. The cabanas were crafted by Enrique and his family. They are comfortable with the necessary amenities you need: bathroom, shower, bed(s) with linens, pillows and mosquito nets, but they are rustic and do not have air conditioning. There are different configurations of beds within each cabana, so please select the cabana you and/or you and your travel companion(s) prefer. Please email with the names of your travel companion(s).

About The Organizations

Dreams for Mayan Children is a small but dedicated group of people with a strong belief in giving children the chance of a better future. They work to provide Mayan children and teachers with learning materials, build playgrounds and community infrastructure, provide volunteer opportunities and keep the Mayan language and culture alive in the Yucatan Peninsula where rural communities have very little or no support at all.

Pure Paradise Travel offers unique vacation experiences of the Mayan Culture, with private and small group excursions along with the opportunity to enjoy some of the most beautiful, scenic views and landscapes on the planet; while also providing the opportunity to learn the culture and life-style from the local communities. With Pure Paradise Travel, you will be off the well-worn tourist trail and into the heart of the Mayan culture.

See your dollars hard at work…
See how your participation in our DOS impacts the community…

Ever wonder how Positive Legacy uses your dollars??

$200 will purchase two wheelbarrows and four rakes needed for the project

$500 will purchase the hoses and installation supplies needed for irrigation

$1000 will support the Day of Service including meals and entertainment for 70 event guests and 50 locals and students

$2500 will purchase 13 truckloads of the large/ small stones and crushed rock needed, as well as 3 truckloads of soil

$7000 will support the entire Phase 1 of this revitalization project

For further inquiries into this experience, please reach out to